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Brooke Greville has the ability to help attract and source international investments across several continents. Globalisation has meant that new business opportunities are being created on a daily basis and Brooke's vast array of international contacts has allowed him to enter a variety of different investment opportunities.

Brooke now holds a key role in helping to attract Chinese investment in to the UK and Europe, and opening up the Asian market to businesses in the West. As well as China, Brooke holds business interests and has strong contacts in territories as diverse as Cyprus, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Philippines New Zealand, the Unites States and several Caribbean nations.

This array of international contacts and understanding of different business cultures allows Brooke to seek out the best opportunities for investors. Brooke said: ‘I find it exciting when I am not only able to raise money for a business opportunity but use my own knowledge and contacts to add value and open up new markets and audiences.

‘The importance of understanding different business cultures cannot be under estimated.

‘Cultural differences can often be more difficult to overcome than language barriers but by spending time in different cultures you can soon overcome the problems and establish relationships with trusted partners.

‘business people across the world all have the same desire to make money and what I enjoy about international investment is that everyone's position is greatly improved on both sides of the deal.'

So far Brooke's investments have mainly focused on the fields of technology, sports, entertainment and gaming.

In his role as CEO of investment company G Entertainment, Brooke floated the company with a valuation of 116 million euros.

G Entertainment has since made three major investments under Brooke's guidance:

·Single Yard Holdings- a global betting exchange that has unique Asian licence that allows legal gambling in the region.

·SportsSideKick- a social media platform that can be white-labelled by elite global sports clubs to allow them to increase their online audience, enter new markets and additional revenue streams.

·42nd Street - a new multi-million pound version of the legendary stage musical which opens in London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in March 2017.

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