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Brooke Greville is involved in a number of media and entertainment ventures.

He is always on the look-out for business opportunities in film, theatre and TV as well as traditional and digital publishing.

Through his role as CEO of Gate Ventures, Brooke he was instrumental in helping establish the business that has gone on to fund producers Lord Michael Grade and Michael Linnet and their award-winning stage production of Sunset Boulevard which starred actress Glenn Close.

As CEO of G Entertainment Group, Brooke has invested heavily in a new West End production of a new version of musical 42nd Street. This multi-million pound production of the legendary stage show in London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, has stunning costumes, a cast of more than 60 actors and actresses and one of the West End's largest orchestras.

For both business and pleasure Brooke regularly attends film festivals and theatre premieres around the world. This enthusiasm for combining investment and the arts is reflected in his decision to create a new arm within the G Entertainment Group called GE Productions.

GE Productions has been specifically set up to invest in film, theatre and TV Productions and helps with worldwide distribution.

Brooke said: 'I really enjoy the world of entertainment. Theatre and movies unite people from different fields and skill sets and cuts across different cultures.

'Investing in the arts and the media is very exciting as you enable gifted individuals and teams to fulfil their creativity.

'It's incredibly satisfying to see the end product knowing how much hard work has been put into its creation. To then be able to help get the production or performance to a wider global audience is equally satisfying.'

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