Conference in China

Brooke hosted a vibrant conference in China during which he outlined a new company structure for G Entertainment.

The event was held in Yinchuan as Brooke was keen to emphasise the importance to the company of working in Asia.

During the conference invited guests were told how G Entertainment would be split into the three main sectors of GE Technology, GE Productions and GE Membership Services.

Brooke spoke of the strong links that he and the company had between Asia and the West and how working together they could create bigger business opportunities for all territories by opening up new markets.

The conference attendees enjoyed a mixture of traditional and modern Chinese entertainment with a number of singers, bands and dancers on stage.

Brooke said: 'We felt it was really important to make such a big announcement in China to underline how committed we are to Asia.

'The entertainment reflected that modern business can be done while respecting important ancient traditions.'

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