Technology Investment

Brooke Greville is urgently seeking investment opportunities in three particular technology fields.

With an established track record of backing new technologies, Brooke is particularly keen to enter the growing markets of robotics and automation; big data analytics; and location guidance.

Ideally, Brooke is seeking investment opportunities in established European-based businesses that have an existing turnover, intellectual property and with technology that can be up-scaled and expanded.

Brooke commented: ‘I have am always been a keen investor in new, disruptive technologies and I believe that robotic innovations and location guidance fits perfectly within this sphere. Data analytics is also a huge growth area that can be utilised by nearly all businesses.

‘I have been approached by new potential investment partners from Asia who have already established investment funds to acquire or invest in these fields.

‘It seems inevitable that these industries are going to play an increasingly important role in all our business and personal lives and I’m keen to be a part of that.’

Would-be investment candidates would be required to match the following criteria:

• Must be minimum of 2 years old

• Must have its ultimate holding company or company headquarters registered in Europe

• The directors must be able to provide a legal statement of good conduct/standing

• Demonstrate a turn-over of minimum €500k

• Ideally have some IP/Patent protection for its products

• Be requiring a minimum investment of €1m and a maximum of €10m

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