Mentoring Awards Honour

Brooke Greville's commitment to mentoring has been recognised in Asia during a prestigious award ceremony backed by Nobel Prize winners.

In his role as CEO of G Entertainment, Brooke has made mentoring a corner stone of the company's ethical strategy.

The company has worked alongside The Prince's Trust to help give guidance to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds. Mentoring structures have also been set up within the company philosophy.

The Social Caring Nobel Laureate Awards was set up to encourage and recognise good social care practises by businesses. The latest ceremony was held in Hong Kong at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and was attended by a host of dignitaries.

Brooke was personally presented with Asian Social Caring Leadership by Professor Shuji Nakamura (pictured alongside Brooke) who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014 for inventing the blue LED which is used in Blu-rays has enabled bright and energy-saving white light to be produced.

During the past few years Brooke has worked closely with Mosaic, part of The Prince's Trust, which facilitates mentoring in schools for children from deprived areas.

Brooke has always been keen to help The Prince's Trust which awarded him a grant to set up his first business and also offered him guidance and support.

In 2015, Mr Greville personally mentored a team of school children from Skinners' Academy in Hackney, East London, that went on to win Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge. Incredibly that win was repeated by the same school this year after G Entertainment’s strategy consultant Zoe Fiddes was given time to help guide and advise the children during the same competition.

Nizam Uddin, head of communications at Mosaic, paid tribute to Brooke's mentoring work saying: 'Mosaic and The Prince’s Trust have been very fortunate to have the support of G Entertainment, and Brooke Greville in particular, through their work on the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge. It is unprecedented for a company to have mentors involved with the national winning team of our Enterprise Challenge competition in successive year, but that is what G Entertainment have done.

'It is in no small part to their commitment to giving back and promoting excellence with all of their activities, and we are very thankful. We hope the relationship long continues.'

Brooke said: 'I know how valuable mentoring can be having been given tremendous support by The Prince's Trust when I set up my first company. The trust not only gave me a grant but also very practical advice and was able to point me in the right direction.

'Giving time to people can often be so much more valuable than giving them money.

'I was so honoured to receive this award. To be given a certificate by a Nobel Prize winner was truly humbling.'

Brooke Greville interviewed at The Social Caring Nobel Laureate Awards




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